Instructions for Barman’s Container Crane

December 2011




A new set of instructions is available. I made building instructions for the container crane, which was designed by Barman (yes, the same guy who made the Avatar Helicopter and V8-engine)

The model features full PF-controll:

  • Driving the crane back and forewards
  • Sliding the centre left and right
  • Lifting and lowering the container-holder
  • Grabbing the container and letting go

The model includes 3 baseplates with roads and rails

The instructions and parts list can be found on the instructions-page

Instructions for Barman’s Avatar Helicopter

October 2011




Together with Eric Albrecht (Blakbird) I made complete building instructions for Barman’s Avatar Helicopter. Now everyone can build this fantastic model. It features:

  • 2-way joystick controll over the rotors
  • Rotating rotor-blades
  • Opening cockpit doors
  • Opening side doors

The instructions and parts list can be found on the instructions-page

My models on Rebrickable

October 2011

A new Lego® website is born:


This easy to use website lets you compare your sets to other sets you can build. It includes almost all original Lego® models and it has a growing list of MOC’s. You simply select the model you want to build, and then select a number of sets you own. Then you can see how many and which parts you have and which parts you don’t have. It can make suggestions on which set has the most of the needed parts. My models can be found on that website as well.

Greatly reccommended for all you builders out there !!

Fully PF-Backhoe Loader

July 2011

I’m proud to finally present my new Backhoe loader. The main goal for this model was to make a Backhoe with Power functions only and to try to electrically implement all 9 essential functions of a Backhoe loader: Steering, Driving, Outriggers, Loader & Backhoe. Since the power functions-system only has 8 channels, I had to include a remote-controlled gearbox that swithes functions of 2 motors to achieve 9 funtions (5 + 2x2).


Go to the page 


Black Devil

Januari 2011

After correcting the instructions I felt like building this model again. And of course I couldn’t resist changing and  improving it a bit. First of all, the colours were changed (I really like the black/yellow theme, reminds me of the epic 8880). Due to the new colour, I give it a different name: I call this one "Black Devil"

Further improvements:

* It now has return-to-centre steering, making it easier to controll

* Receiver was placed higher for a better communication with the remote controll

* Spoiler was changed. It now has a more Demon-like look

* It now uses the 8878 rechargeable battery (no more batteries needed !)