Ultimate 8043


Ok, this isn't a MOC, but I did some heavy upgrading to the 8043 motorized excavator which is definately worth mentioning

It is a very nice model, but there were some things I wasn't happy with:

  • Lifting the boom was underpowered
  • It used normal batteries
  • Bucket was too big, doesn't have a correct rotation point and it's working range is too small
  • Working range of the dipper was too small
  • Side-effects of "2 drivetrains throug a turntable" were too noticable

Not all the functions were available simultaniously, switching is neccecary. Moving the boom/dipper/bucket was not possible during rotating.

All this together made it quite a poor digging machine. This could be done better...

So I started rebuilding the model. Now it includes:

  • Full independent simultanious controll of all the functions
  • Joystick-controller that works just like a real excavator. Based on a desigh by Jason Railton
  • 8878 Rechargeable battery
  • XL-motor for lifting boom
  • PF-lights
  • Improved bucket looks and operation
  • Improved dipper range
  • All the gear-reduction moved to the undercarriage to reduce mentioned side-effects
  • Cabin roof
  • Altogether these mods considerably enhance the playability of the model.

The remote controller deserves some extra attention. It's an adapted version of Jason Railton'sThumbstick, which I found on TechnicBricks Blogspot.

Because it works so well now, I decided to make photo-instructions for this mod so everyone can turn their 8043 into a real mean digging machine. Go to the Ultimate 8043 instructions page to get them.