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A Chinese company called Mould King has released their 13112 Mechanical Digger set, which is a clone of my Link Belt 250X3 excavator design from 2015. 
They did this without my permission, so I cannot give any support to this set.

Unfortunately, the quality of their clone is not as good as my original design, which you can see in this review that Luca from the Youtube-channel Bric-a-Brac has made.


On this website you can find pictures and information about various Lego Technic Models I’ve built over the years.

Since I’m a fan of the Power-funtions system, lots of models here are motorized, and many of them remote-controlled.

Go to the Models-page to check them out.

Please note that the website is still under construction, more models and info will be added in the future.

Building Instructions

But you’re propably here for something else…

Building instructions !!!

Yes, for many of my creations, I’ve created full comprehensive building instructions.

Go to the Building-Instructions-page to get them.

They come as pdf-files with full parts-lists, both as image and as Brickstock-files.

Please note that the website is still under construction, more models and instructions will be added in the future.


Besides creating models fro the ground up myself, I occasionally modify an existing Lego-model, in order to make it funcion better and add functionality and playability.

They also come with building instructions and parts lists, so if you have one of those sets, you can upgrade them.

I’ve made modifications to the