black supercar

I have always liked the Lego Black Supercar 8880 a lot for its 4-wheel steering, 4-wheel drive and nice black/yellow shape. So I decided to make my own black supercar, using new-style Technic Lego to create an even nicer shape. Because of the black/yellow colours, i call this one “The Wasp”. It turned out to be the best Technic-car I built until now.

Just as the original 8880, my car has 4-wheel steering. The steering-wheel inside rotates accordingly and the steering can be controlled from the top of the car, wich makes driving the car much more fun. It has 4-wheel drive with full differential driving a V8-engine. It features a gearbox with 5 gears and 1 reverse.


But one of the coolest features is the motorized opening of the Lambo-style doors wich can be controlled with a remote-controll. The front and the back can be opened as well.

In contrast to most other big technic models, I tried to close up my car as much as possible without ruining the lines.

The engine has some detailing as well.

Model was finished in March 2009